Augur’s Full Physical Data Model

The CHAOSS Project needs implemented metrics to help us figure out whether or not we are reaching our goals and answering the questions we have about open source health and sustainability. Augur is a critical part of that effort.

To increase shared knowledge, below is a full, browse-able large SVG file of the Augur Physical Schema  There’s a bit of color coding.

RED: Machine Learning Insights

YELLOW: Core tables

PURPLE-ish: Tables, or groups of tables from which discrete metrics are easily derived.

GRAY: Not currently active

BOXED Table Sets: Represent sections of a augur_data with specific purposes. For example, the brown box is our commits data mart, and the green boxes with orange tables is the SPDX schema used by where we store license information. This schema is published with the intent of making it easier for you to think about how to extract CHAOSS metrics, or define CHAOSS metrics using example data.

Visit for some Jupyter Notebooks that have access to a populated version of this schema. You can examine the full schema creation script in our Augur GitHub repository, or scan the current version here.



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