[CHAOSS] Augur is participating in GSoC 2021 with CHAOSS

Hi All: 

As you likely know, CHAOSS has been selected as a project for the Google Summer of Code 2021 program: Augur has some proposed ideas focused on software dependencies, and automated identification of similar uses through our contributor worker!  We Also have a project focused on automated Open Source Project Risk using Artificial Intelligence.
Each of these projects expands on the GSoC Projects from prior summers, which are deployed and in use around the world as part of Augur.
Interested folks can apply formally through Google, and we ask that you complete a micro task for one of our projects Here:
  1. https://github.com/chaoss/augur/issues/1181  GSoC Idea: Develop a Shared Data Resource Focused on Dependencies, Risk and Vulnerabilities in Open Source Software
  2. https://github.com/chaoss/augur/issues/1180  GSoC Idea: Automatically identify Contributor Aliases (emails, platform user accounts) to Increase Parsimony of Statistics and Metrics With Privacy Enhancement and
  3. https://github.com/chaoss/augur/issues/1179  GSoC Idea: Advancing Risk Prediction With Machine Learning in Augur
You can look at all of our proposed CHAOSS ideas’s here: https://github.com/chaoss/governance/blob/master/GSoC-Ideas.md
Please reply with questions to the GitHub issues noted above, and feel free to participate in one of our upcoming “Getting to Know Augur” sessions (to be announced)!
We will also share a video of today’s Augur Hackathon, which many of you will find helpful.
CHAOSS, The Augur Team  and   Sean Goggins



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