Augur: Software for Prototyping Open Source Metrics

People compare themselves with others. We build on this truth to help people make sense of the metrics we prototype. The aim of the Augur project is threefold:

1.Fast prototyping of metrics

2.Be human centered …. Build prototypes that make it possible for people to see a visualization and make sense of it before they become overwhelmed by the information and drown in a sea of data.

3.Represent trends over time. Its all time these days.

In our system there are 4 characteristics to make note of; four capabilities we emphasize:

1.Comparisons by either Z-Score or relative data. In the case of two projects of comparable size, scope and scale, percentage comparisons can be useful. In many cases, comparing z-scores of project trends yields a visualization with a more valuable view of how the project’s evolved relative to each other over time.

2.Comparison of the project with itself. How are we doing over time?

3.Make the project’s ecosystem visible. What are the trends in downloads? What projects are dependent on this one? Upon which projects does this project depend?

4.Comparisons across projects.



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